Hello there, we are the Burmans and we love education technology. We graduated from Purdue University, both majoring in English Education, in May 2010. After almost five years in the classroom we have experienced different schools, different students, and different technology expectations.

One thing that has stayed the same, our love of teaching. We also love how technology has changed our views on lessons, classroom management, school culture, collaboration, and parent involvement. 

If you are looking for some professional development for your staff this spring or summer, contact us! Since we work at different schools, we have been exposed to so many types of educational platforms, devices, and levels of experience. Topics we have presentations for: Chromebooks, iPads, Google Applications for Education, MyBigCampus, and we love to mix and match based on your school's needs. Please see our presentation page for a more detailed list of available presentations. A bonus to having two presenters is that we can divide and conquer. After a general presentation we can break into a novice group and an advanced group to help develop every teacher, nobody gets bored!